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Attractions along the Silk Road
As the first transcontinental trade route in the world, the silk road ran from China’s ancient capital Xi’an through the mythical cities of Central Asia, and reached the bazaars of Istanbul and the markets of Venice. During the Western Han Dynasty(202B.C.-8A.D.), Emperor Wu(156B.C.-87B.C.) sent Zhang Qian as his personal envoy to make an alliance with some countries in Central Asia. In the year of 136 B.C., Zhang Qian started his long journey to the west. The route he took was named the silk road. In the following dynasties, many merchants and traders traveled between China and the western countries along the route, covering a distance of 6,400 kilometers(4,000 miles). The silk road was not only a trade route, but also a bridge for cultural exchanges. It attracts tourists with its gorgeous landscape and diverse cultures.
The attractions listed below are the most famous and picturesque.