Four-day Fairyland Jiuzhaigou Valley with Panda Tour

Jiuzhaigou National Park013a.JPG  If there is a real fairyland in the world, it must be Jiuzhaigou Valley. There is a popular saying about Jiuzhaigou in China. It goes that no water in the world will interest you more, after you come back from Jiuzhaigou Valley. Jiuzhaigou Valley is like a beautiful fairy maiden ornamented with virgin forest, colorful lakes and rushing waterfalls. She is legendary in the world for her six wonders. Her wonders include multicolored lakes, rushing waterfalls, virgin forest, sunrise, blue ice and authentic Tibetan culture. Both Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong National Park have been listed as world natural heritages and 5A state-level scenic areas.


Wander around multicolored lakes, enjoy the beautiful view of landscape.

Appreciate the authentic Tibetan folk custom

Pay a visit to Dujiangyan Panda Base

USD815p/p base on 2 persons/people
USD369p/p base on 10 persons/people

Suggested Itinerary:

  • Day1Jiuzhaigou Arrival

      Visitors can go to visit Jiuzhaigou by cars or flights, if they start their tour from Chengdu. It is highly suggested to ride a car or a coach to Jiuzhaigou. Even it takes about 8 hours to get to Jiuzhaigou by car. If someone takes a flight to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu, he or she has to wait at the airport for 2 hours, then drive around two and a half hours to the town, and the possibility of flight delay is high. If you start your tour from Beijing or Xi’an, it is still recommended to take a flight. We don’t suggest you to take a flight in the early morning, then directly drive around one hour to visit Huanglong National Park, due to its altitude. The elevation of Huanglong National Park ranges from 3,000 meters(9,843 feet) to 3,900 meters(12,795 feet) above sea level. It takes time to allow your body to acclimate the high altitude. The town near Jiuzhaigou Valley is called Zhangzha. Its attitude is only 2,000 meters(6562 feet) above sea level.

      If you start your tour from Chengdu by car, your private guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel before 8:00A.M.. If you start from Beijing or Xi’an, they will drive to the Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong Airport waiting for you. On the way to Jiuzhaigou Valley from Chengdu, you will pass by some Qiang people’s villages, Diexi Lake, Songpan Ancient Town, and Ganhaizi Wetland. You can get an impressive view of high plateau landscape along your way to Jiuzhaigou.

      You will spend two nights in the same hotel recommended below.

  • Day2A Whole Day Tour in Jiuzhaigou Valley

      You may meet your guide and driver at 8:00am. Then ride your car to the parking lot near the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Valley. The ride takes about twenty minutes. The valley consists of three gorges. It embraces 114 beautiful lakes and several rushing waterfalls. The must-go sightseeing spots include the Five Flower Lake, the Pearl Shoal Waterfall, the Long Lake, the Multicolored Pool, Shuzheng Lakes and Shuzheng Tibetan Village. Some other lakes and waterfalls are also beautiful, like the Mirror Lake, the Rhinoceros Lake, the Tiger Lake, Nuoriang Waterfall and Shuzheng Waterfall. It takes around 6 to 8 hours to finish the must-go sites. The whole scenic area covers a space of 80 square kilometers(19,768 acres). The sightseeing shuttle buses are operated by Jiuzhaigou Administrative Committee. The three gorges lie in the shape of the letter “Y”. The entrance gate is situated at the bottom of the letter “Y”. Its altitude is about 2,000 meters(6,562 feet) above sea level. The shuttle buses start from the entrance to the higher sightseeing spots. The route is randomly arranged by the transportation controller’s office, based on the real-time data of visitor flow. It usually goes directly to one of the upper gorges, drops off visitors at the last stop. Then, visitors can visit the sightseeing spots along the route by walking and taking buses. The walking paths are well paved, and the bus stops are set nearby each of the sightseeing spots.

      The building of Nuorilang Visitor Centre is situated at the fork in the road. A buffet lunch can be arranged in the visitor centre.

      After you finish your tour in the valley, your private guide will escort you back to your hotel. If you are interested in the Tibetan culture and folk custom show, you may also require us to arrange it for you.

  • Day3Tour in Huanglong National Park

      After breakfast and check-out in the morning, you will be escorted to Huanglong National Park for a visit. It takes two and a half hours to get to the national park by car. There are more than 3,000 beautiful pools scattered in Huanglong Valley. The highlight is called the Multicolored Pools. It shares the same name in Chinese with the one in Jiuzhaigou Valley, but the view is different. The one in Huanglong should be renamed as Terraced Multicolored Pools. It lies at the highest point you may reach during your tour. Its altitude is about 3,900 meters(12,795 feet) above sea level. The weather in Huanglong changes momentarily. There is a high possibility to get a good weather between 11:00A.M. to 1:00P.M. in a single day. Since there is no restaurant inside Huanglong Scenic Area, an early lunch near the entrance is recommended. It is highly suggested to take cable car up, then walk to the top of the valley, due to the high altitude. It takes around 40 minutes to get to the Terraced Multicolored Pools by walking from the upper cable car station. You can wander around the pools. Afterwards, you will step down along the well-paved path to the exit. On the way to the exit, you will pass by some other beautiful pools. It usually takes about four hours in total to complete your tour in Huanglong Valley. When you tour in Huanglong, your guide will accompany you, and help you to take photos.

        Your tour in Huanglong is supposed to be done before 4:00 P.M.. It takes about three and a half hours to get to your hotel in Maoxian County. The county seat of Maoxian is not that big. We recommend you the local best one.

  • Day4Pay a Visit to Dujiangyan Panda Base and Drive back to Chengdu

      Leave the hotel for Dujiangyan Panda Base at 8:00AM. It takes about two hours to drive from Maoxian County to the panda base. After lunch, move back to Chengdu. You may get back to Chengdu at 4:00pm. Your guide and driver will escort you to either your hotel or the airport. You may also go to visit some places in the city of Chengdu, like Jinli Old Street, People’s Park, and the Wide and Narrow Alleys.

Services Included:

√ On-line professional consultancy

√ Hotel accommodation with breakfast(4-star hotels listed in the itinerary)

√ Sightseeing shuttle bus in Jiuzhaigou

√ Helpful local guide

√ Well-trained professional driver and comfortable vehicle with ample space

√ Mineral water(one bottle of mineral water per person per day)

√ Entry to all attractions listed on your itinerary

√ 24-hours helpline covering the whole of your tour

What's excluded:

What’s Excluded

Cable car in Huanglong and sightseeing mini-bus in Dujiangyan Panda Base

Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

Personal expenses


Travel Tips:

  1. The altitude in Huanglong is quite high, ranging from 3,000 meters(9,843 feet) to 3,900 meters(12,795 feet) above sea level. Sometimes, people may suffer from Altitude Sickness, when they travel on a high plateau. Click here to learn more about the Altitude Sickness.

  2. The average temperature in both Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong is much lower than that in Chengdu. Even you make your tour in summer, you still need to pack some thin down jackets for your tour.

  3. The peak season of tourism in Jiuzhaigou is from July to August, and the long holiday of China’s national day.

Author: Tina Luo


the Reed Lake Jiuzhaigou Valley
the Reed Lake Jiuzhaigou Valley
the Long Lake Jiuzhai Valley
the Long Lake Jiuzhai Valley
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Huanglong National Park
Huanglong National Park
Huanglong National Park
Huanglong National Park
Huanglong National Park
Huanglong National Park
the Pearl Waterfall Jiuzhaigou
the Pearl Waterfall Jiuzhaigou
Jiuzhaigou National Park
Jiuzhaigou National Park
the Five-flower Lake Jiuzhaigou
the Five-flower Lake Jiuzhaigou