Three-day Panda Volunteer Program and Chengdu Highlights Tour

Qingcheng Mountain002a.JPG    Chengdu is the only one place in the world where people could take part in the Panda Keeper Volunteer Program, and get a deep interaction with lovely giant pandas. As one of the best tourism destinations in the world, Chengdu attracts people with its unique wonders, more than pandas.


Participate in the Panda Keeper Program

Unveil the Miracle of World Cultural Heritage Sites

Deeply Explore Chengdu by Wander in the Old Temples and Streets

USD446p/p base on 2 persons/people
USD248p/p base on 10 persons/people

Suggested Itinerary:

  • Day1Inner-city Highlights Tour in Chengdu

        The attractions you will visit on the first day include Jinsha Site Museum, Wenshu Monastery, Wuhou Shrine and Jinli Street.

        In the morning, your professional guide and experienced driver will pick you up and drive you to visit Jinsha Site Museum. Whether you start your tour from the airport or your hotel, they both will always be punctual and patient. Jinsha Site is considered as the most important archaeological discovery in China in recent decades. The site could be traced back to almost 3,000 years ago. The world-widely famous Golden Foil of Immortal Sun Birds was unearthed at the site. It is a time travel for you to unveil the amazing and miraculous ancient Sichuan civilization.

        Then drive to visit Wenshu Monastery. Wenshu Monastery is well-known as a peaceful oasis in the midst of Chengdu urban sprawl, and is topped as No.1 Mahayana Buddhist Monastery in western China.

        After lunch, pay a visit to Wuhou Shrine. It is one of the must-go attractions in Chengdu. It is associated with the history of Three Kingdoms Period. It was originally built about 1,700 years ago in memory of Zhuge Liang. He was an outstanding statesman and politician in Chinese history. Every school boy in China knows him. The present buildings could be dated back to 1672 in the Qing Dynasty.

        Jinli Old Street lies nearby Wuhou Shrine. It is nicknamed as the Romantic Street in Chengdu. When you wander in the old street, you may wonder if you would have had a time travel back to 2,000 years ago. It is the land of souvenir stores and local snacks.

  • Day2A Whole Day Tour for World Cultural Heritage Sites Dujiangyan Dam and Mt. Qingcheng

         It is a whole day tour to unveil the mystery of Taoism and the secret of ancient water conservancy project. In the morning, your guide and driver will pick you up at the lobby of your hotel. It takes around one hour and a half to get to Mount Qingcheng. Mount Qingcheng is the birthplace of Taoism, the native religion of China. The old Taoist temples scatter amid the dense verdant trees. Hearing streams murmuring and birds singing, it is quite restful and pleasant to trace the well-paved winding path up to the mountain summit.

        After lunch, drive to visit Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. It takes around half an hour to drive from Qingcheng Mountain to the irrigation project. The world famous Dujiangyan Irrigation Project is supposed to be the greatest ancient construction in China. It is even more great than the Great Wall. More than 2,000 years have passed since the two constructions were completed. The Great Wall has lost its defending function, but Dujiangyan Irrigation Project is still in operation and benefits the local people.

        Then drive back to your hotel in Dujiangyan City.

  • Day3Panda Keeper Program at Dujiangyan Panda Base

        Dujiangyan Panda Base is the most easily accessible one in China for foreigners to take part in the panda volunteer program. But the daily quota of volunteers is limited. The base only accepts 60 applications for the volunteer program per day. The rule is First Come First Served. Please inquire and check the availability!

        It takes about half an hour by car to get to Dujiangyan Panda Base from your hotel in Dujiangyan Town. Volunteers need to arrive at the base before 8:50 A.M.. The activities include cleaning panda enclosures, collecting bamboo for pandas, feeding pandas, making panda cakes and watching a panda movie. A simple lunch is arranged at the canteen of the base. Click here to learn more about Dujiangyan Base Panda Keeper Program.

        After you finish your volunteering works, your guide and driver will escort you back to Chengdu. You may arrive at your hotel in Chengdu or the airport at 5:30 P.M.. We will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Services Included:

√ On-line professional consultancy

√ Hotel accommodation in Dujiangyan

√ Helpful local guide

√ Well-trained professional driver and comfortable vehicle with ample space

√ Mineral water(one bottle of mineral water per person per day)

√ Entry to all attractions listed on your itinerary

√ 24-hours helpline covering the whole of your tour

What's excluded:

Volunteer fee

Hotel accommodation in Chengdu

Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

Personal expenses


Travel Tips:

    Activities Recommended for Enriching Your Tour

    Are you still wondering how you could kill time before going to bed? We have listed two highly recommended activities below for your preference. If you are interested in our recommendations, just feel free to contact us to add it.

    Face-changing Show(one and a half hours)

    Face-changing refers to the painted masks Changing. It is a significant cultural heritage of China, is the highlight of Sichuan folk art, as well as a national secret. Only few masters have grasped the skill. Only they know how to change their masks in a magically quick succession. Many tourists exclaimed that the face-changing was extremely amazing.

    Cooking Sichuan Dishes(three to five hours)

    To eat in China, taste in Sichuan, as a popular saying goes. In fact, you can also easily try to cook Sichuan dishes in Chengdu. Sichuan Cuisine Museum is located in Pidu District, Chengdu. It takes only one hour to get to the museum by driving from your hotel. The trip to Sichuan Cuisine Museum offers you a chance to cook the world famous Sichuan Dishes, such as Kungpao Chicken and Mapo Tofu. No doubt, English speaking cooks will show you how to cook Sichuan dishes.


    Tips for Your Trip

    1. How to Book the Panda Keep Program

    As a qualified in-bound tour operator, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda. Sometimes the program is subject to be changed by deterministic factors. But we are able to ensure you to get the helpful first-hand information. It helps to guarantee the availability if you book early. According to pandas’ health condition, sometimes the activities illustrated above might be also adjusted a little. We hope that our clients could understand.

    The itinerary is flexible. You can extend or shorten it to suite your schedule. If you could not finish all the volunteering works mentioned, you can just take part in the morning ones. But the payment is the same.

    Physical fitness certificate is required for the panda keeper program application. Click the link below to download the form of fitness certificate.

    2. Age Limit for Volunteers

    Anyone between 12 and 65 years old could apply for the panda keeper volunteering works. Even though pandas look docile, they used to be carnivores. Children are not allowed to be in direct touch with Pandas. Parents must take care of their children.

    3. Dress Code

    In order to protect yourself, a working suit offered by the base and a pair of water-proof shoes are highly recommended.

    4. It is allowed to take photos in the whole process of panda keeper program. Your guide will help you take photos.

    5. It is the peak season of Sichuan Tourism between July and September. Reservation has to be confirmed at least 3 weeks in advance. If the volunteer availability can not meet your arrival at Dujiangyan Panda Base, we can also arrange an alternative tour for you to take part in the Wolong Panda Base Panda Keeper Program.

    6. If you need, we can also help you to book hotels in Chengdu and arrange a transfer to Chengdu airport and railway stations.

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    Author: Tina Luo


Dujiangyan Panda Base
Dujiangyan Panda Base
Feeding Panda
Feeding Panda
Dujiangyan Irrigation Project
Dujiangyan Irrigation Project
Wuhou Shrine
Wuhou Shrine
Jinli Old Street
Jinli Old Street
Wenshuyuan Monastery
Wenshuyuan Monastery
the Gold Foil of Immortal Sun-bird
the Gold Foil of Immortal Sun-bird
Cooking Sichuan Dishes
Cooking Sichuan Dishes